Abraham Coffman Compiled Information

Birth Death Spouse Spouse data
About 1764
Shenandoah Co., VA
8 Sep 1849
Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., KY
Last Will & Testament
Margaret Ann Triplett
Children Name [dates] Spouse Notes
F Martha
F Mary A. (Polly) Joseph Scifres Marr. 23 Nov 1820 Hardin Co., KY
F Axsa
b. 1800
John Miller
b. 06 Nov 1791 1 KY
Marr. 26 Dec 1822 Hardin Co. KY ??
John is probably Ellender’s brother
M Richard Harmon
b. 1802 – VA
d. 15 Feb 1880 – Grundy Co., MO
(1) Ellender Miller
(2) Elizabeth Pearman
Harmon & Elizabeth migrated to MO early 1860s
Buried: Grundy Co., MO
F Matilda (1) Sanford L. Triplett
(2) ? McGovern
Triplett a cousin perhaps?
M Aaron
d. 14 Apr 1837
Manonie or Marianne Pendleron Marr. 23 Mar 1830
M Moses
b. Hardin Co., KY
Nancy Hobbs
b. Hardin Co., KY
Marr.: 26 May 1831 Hardin Co., KY
M Lydia Clark
M Lucretia William T. Kendall
M Eliza Ann James Atcher
M Alfred Thomas Susan Catherine Woodring
M John Henry Hester A. Bewley Both are buried in Whitt Cemetery, Rineyville, KY
M Bethana ? Morgan
M Alfred Thomas

Note that some of the Coffman’s are buried in the East Rudes Creek cemetery in Hardin County (close to the old fair grounds). But we don’t know which ones.

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