List of all Abraham (any spelling) from Charles F. Kauffman book

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There are SO MANY Abraham’s in the book that it has always felt overwhelming.

For several years I thought about making a list of every single one of them and then marking in some way whether or not I should research them further.

I procrastinate best by doing something I’d rather do than what I should do. The list below is the result of exactly that. I should have been doing something else!

This lists every Abraham, every Coffman — no matter what  the spelling.

Be sure to check my Which Abraham Coffman page as well.

Some of the Symbols and Abbreviation utilized by Mr. Kauffman:

A — Andrew Kauffman line.
A1 — Andrew Kauffman’s 1st child, 2nd generation.
Ac — Andrew Kauffman’s 12th child, 2nd generation.
A222 — Andrew Kauffman’s 2nd child of 2nd child of 2nd child or 4th generation.
B — Isaac Kauffman line.
C — Michael Kauffman line.
D — Martin Kauffman line.
E — Michale Kauffman and Barbara Holderman line.
d.y. — died young
d.inf. — died in infancy

Every Abraham listed in A genealogy and history of the Kauffman-Coffman families of North America, 1584 to 1937 compiled by Charles Fahs Kauffman, 1940

Page # Book ID Full statement where any spelling of Abraham & Coffman is used Potential Research
23-24 A31 Andrew Coffman (1750-1836) md. Mary Herr (1761-1838), dau. of John and Mary (Myer) Herr; g.dau. of Abraham and Anna (Miller) Herr. After disposing of the land in Manor Twp., Andrew migrated to Fayette Co., Pa., where he took up a larger tract of land in German Twp. They were Mennonites. His children were Andrew; David; Barbara, wife of John Gilliland; Mary, wife of Christian Weightman; Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Blosser; Benjamin; Nancy, wife of William Dunaway; John; Abraham; and Michael. Yes
35 A319 Abraham Herr Coffman. Said to have returned to Fayette Co. Probably a visit. Unknown
38 A3241 Abraham H. Kauffman (Nov. 4, 1808-Oct. 31, 1854) single. Mennonite. Letort, Pa. No
60 A33f Abraham Funk Kauffman (Aug. 18, 1818-Nov.19,1819). No
61 A33h4 Abraham Kauffman (Oct. 27, 1860-     ) md. Jan. 29, 1891, Lucy Swinehart (     –    1900); md.2 1905, Margaret Haines. No issue. No
62 A341 Abraham S. Kauffman (Jan. 10, 1797-Oct. 9, 1855) md. Mary ________ (    1802-Jan. 2, 1866), Conoy Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. Farmer. He purchased land from John and Barbara Kornhaus. His executors were Michale Martin and M. W. May whose place was taken by the widow after May’s decease. Record of but one child, but there were probably others. No. He apparently died in PA, not KY.
62 A3412 Abraham Kauffman (Oct. 10, 1838-July 30, 1839(. No
66 A4 Michael Kauffman (      –     1794) md. Catherine Immel. His will names his widow Gertraut. Possibly due to faulty spelling it is Gertrude Immel instead of Catherine. …

Michael Kauffman’s will is recorded in Book F, page 267. He left seven sons to survive and allots his plantation to his sons Christian and Benjamin who are to receive a part of some bottom land in York Co., His son Jacob is not to get anything except a part of the York Co., tract since he has received his share. This bottom land was situated in Chanceford Twp., York Co. His sons were Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Andrew, Christian, John, and Benjamin. He was a Mennonite.

Definitely pursue. Information ellipsed should be reviewed as it names Michael’s brothers, Isaac and John.
66 A41 Jacob Kauffman (July 16, 1752-June 21, 1840) md. Veronica Herr (Oct. 2, 1775-Mar. 3, 1829), dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth Herr; md.2 Anna Charles (July    1776-Mar. 6, 1847), dau. of Jacob Charles. He acquired the Samuel Herr grist mill (now Landis’s Mill at Windom, Manor Twp.). He owned another mill and was rated wealthy. In 1810-11, his sons rebuilt the mill at Windom. These sons, Benjamin and Abraham, lived within and operated this mill until 1824 when it failed. … Sadly no. If his sons operated the mill until 1824, this son Abraham cannot match mine. My Abraham migrated to Kentucky not long after 1802.
68 A41127 Abraham G. Kauffman (Oct. 28, 1843-July 3, 1920) md. Martha Metzger (Feb. 11, 1850-July 22, 1923). No
69 A411279 Abraham Kauffman (Aug. 27, 1884-     ) md. Margaret McBee. (Nov. 27, 1890-     ), 243 1/2 W. 6th St., Liverpool, Ohio. No
71 A41222 Abraham Kauffman (July 29, 1836-     1868), Mason, Ohio. There is no data whether or not there are additional brothers and sisters or descendants of this line. I am told that Jacob G. Kauffman and his sister Fanny K. Kautz had anotehr brother, whose name is not remembered, and that he lived in Manor. Twp. No
71 A413 Abraham H. Kauffman (       ) md. ______ Kurtz. He helped run his father’s mill at Windom, Pa., until the failure of the business due largerly to the first panic in 1819. Banks recalled money at a time when little money could be realized for commodities in storage. Possibly an after-effect of the War of 1812. No
72 A41322 Abraham B. Kauffman (Dec. 25, 1837-Mar. 7, 1927) md. Feb. 2, 1862, Elizabeth Fraelich (Dec. 16, 1839-Feb. 15, 1913). Painter. Mountville, Pa. No
73 A4133 Abraham K. Kauffman (Dec. 31, 1810-June 6, 1893) md. Mar. 30, 1834, Ann Leib (Nov. 3, 1815-Mar. 6, 1873), Canton, Ohio. No
76 A41346 Abraham Kauffman (d. inf.). No
84 A43 Abraham Kauffman (1754-1843) md. Esther Hershey (        ) dau. of Christian and Barbara (Herr) Hershey. Moved to Baltimore and operated an inn. He was living in Baltimore prior to 1790 Census which records his family having 5 males over 16 years, 2 males under 16 years, and 3 females. … No. Died in MD.
Cannot be a connection.
90 A44121 Abraham W. Kauffman (Oct. 31, 1836-     ) md. Frances Tennessee Gates (Jun3 4, 1850-Sept. 28, 1907), Red Bluff, Calif. No
93 A4414 Rev. Abraham H. Kauffman (June 3, 1813-May 7, 1889) md. Apr. 16, 1835, Margaret Baughman (       ); md.2 Emma Wright, who after his death became the wife of John Haines of Long Level, York Co., Pa. He operated a general merchandise store in Washington Boro, Lancaster Co., Pa. No issue. No
95 A4518 Abrham M. Kauffman (Oct. 6, 1842-Apr. 10, 1873) md. Elizabeth Herr (Feb. 4, 1849-May 6, 1906), Millersville, Pa. No
96 A45213 Rev. Abraham H. Kauffman (Aug. 6, 1854-     ) md. Elizabeth Hurst (July 21, 1853-    ), R. 2, Mountain View, Calif. No
103 A453 Abraham K. Kauffman (Mar. 11, 1795-June 29, 1867), single. Teacher; assessor. Manor Twp. Lancaster Co., Pa. No
112 A46118 Abraham Kauffman (Nov. 3, 1864-May 11, 1919) md. Agnes McClune (Feb. 26, 1872-Mar. 1, 1917), Silver Spring, Lancaster Co., Pa. No
122 A51 John Hiestand Kauffman (    -1802) md. Anna Hershey, dau. of Christian and Barbara Herr Hershey; g.d. of Rudolph Herr. Her sisters were Esther, w. of Abrham Kauffman (see A43) Barbara, w. of John Witmer. … No, see A43
134 A51315 Abraham Kauffman (Nov. 8, 1842-May 12, 1828) md. Rosie Weaver (      ); md.2 Mrs. Addie Savage. 52 Ohio Vol. during Civil War. … No
135 A513154 Abraham Kauffman (Oct. 4, 1870-    1872). No
140 A513512 Abraham Lincoln Kauffman (Sep. 18, 1869-    ) md. Feb. 21, 1890, Jennie Ray (July 29, 1874-Aug.26,1906), dau. of Thos. and Sadie (Moody) Ray of Del Norte Co., Calif. … No
141 A5136 Abrham S. Kauffman (June 23, 1823-Aug. 27, 1897) md. Amelia Kendig (Oct. 21, 1824-Oct. 20, 1901). No issue. Rohrerstown, Pa. No
169 A5566 Abrham K. Kauffman (June 25, 1841-Feb. 27, 1918) md. Jan. 9, 1868, Christiann Schriver (Nov. 28, 1842-Sept. 18, 1915). No
177 A55a2 Abraham F. Kauffman (Mar. 23, 1842-Sept. 7, 1920) md. Anna Pletcher (Mar. 14, 1847-     ), Goshen, Ind. No
188 A57315 Abraham R. Kauffman (June 7, 1858-Dec.   1925) md. Agnes Minnich (      ), dau. of Reuben and Elizabeth (Spangler) Minnich; md.2 Amanda Leber … No
191-192 A5735 Abraham Sprenkle Kauffman (Nov. 9, 1835-Nov. 14, 1855 of pneumonia). The story runs that he was engaged to be married, and hastened after a day’s work to take a bath which chilled him too much so that he made a short call, returning home early due to not feeling well, and death followed a few days later. No, but the story of his impending marriage and the bath deserved some web page space.
192-193 A57386 Mary Virginia Kauffman (Feb. 25, 1877-    ) md. Jan. 30, 1900, Paul Sylvester Kauffman (Jan. 9, 1875-    ), son of Abraham and Salinda (Glatfelter Kauffman (see B727523); … No
233 A734 Abraham C. Coffman (     1817-Sept. 15, 1855) md. Oct. 14, 1845, Eliza Ann Haugh. No
238 A781 Abraham B. Kauffman — likely Andrew who md. Oct. 29, 1815, Martha Zorger, died 1819 Cumberland Co. Took part in Battle of North Point, Md., under Capt. Michael Spangler in 1812. No
238 A7831 Abraham Kauffman (1819-1888) md. Susan Neiman (1821-1876), New Market, Pa. G.A.R. No
230 A78313 Abraham Kauffman, New Cumberland, Pa. No
256 A8836 Amelia Kendig (Oct. 21, 1824-Oct. 20, 1901) md. Abraham Kauffman (June 23, 18290-Aug. 27, 1897) (see A5136). Rohrerstown, Pa. No issue. No
307 Ac71 Abraham W. Coffman (Nov. 17, 1809-Aug. 23, 1881) md. Apr. 9, 1833, Mary Inchseller (     1804-July   1876). Methodist. Farmer. Greenbriar Co., W. Va. Investigate. Cannot be in direct line of descent but might have child of one of My Abrhama’s brothers or cousins.
342 B12239 Abraham S. Kauffman (June 18, 1839-July 4, 1877) md. Sarah Mulliken (M ar. 17, 1842-Dec. 25, 1906). Co. D 52 P.V. Columbia, Pa. No
353 B1317 Abraham Kauffman (Mar. 30, 1821-Apr. 19, 1840). No
376 B223 Abraham D. Kauffman (    -1826) md. Magdalena Kuhns (Mar. 8, 1778-Oct. 17, 1853) Turkey Hill, Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. Cooper. (B434) No
378 B22312b Abraham G. Kauffman (d.y.). No
378 B22314 Abraham B. Kauffman (Jan. 14, 1829-Mar. 17, 1910) md. Elizabeth Smith (May 15, 1832-   1915). Co. B 1952 Pa. No
380 B22314c Abraham Kauffman (Jan. 29, 1875-   ) md. Lilly Kahley. … Detroit. Mich. … No
382 B22323 Abraham H. Kauffman (Aug. 26, 1830-Apr. 23, 1881) md. Oct. 10, 1854, Anna M. Gehr (Dec. 28, 1835-June 3, 1897). Hotelkeeper. Buck, Lancaster Co., Pa. No
382 B223233 Abraham L. Kauffman (Feb. 1, 1862-    ) md. Ella Owens. Motorman. 22 Green St., Lancaster, Pa. No
382 B223233 Paul Abraham Kauffman (May 27, 1890-    ) md. Fannie Mumma. No
384 B223245 Abraham Kauffman (Oct. 12, 1863-   ) md. Emma Wissler … ; md.2 Sallie Hess … Quarryville, Pa. No
385 B2232456 Abraham Herbert Kauffman (Sept. 16, 1892-   ) md. May 18, 1912, Lena Rendaut … Lancaster, Pa. No
389 B223282 Abraham S. Kauffman (    ) md. Minnie Clayman, 212 Ross St., Lancaster, Pa. No
389 B223282a Abraham M. Kauffman (    ). Printer. No
390 B22331 Abraham B. Kauffman (May 3, 1840-July 1, 1919) md. Catherine Irvin …; md.2 Anna Eisenberger … Farmer. Ironville, Pa. No
391 B223316 Abraham E. Kauffman (    ) md. Elizabeth Lichty, Columbia, Pa. No
391 B223319 Abraham E. Kauffman (Mar. 11, 1878-    ) md. Sarah Fisher. Engineer. Columbia, Pa. No
391 B2233191 Abraham Kauffman. No
399 B225 Joseph D. Kauffman (   -1811) md. Mary ______, Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. Estate settled by Abraham Kauffman and Christian Stouffer. Doubtful
408 B225513 Abraham D. Kauffman (Mar. 4, 1860-Feb. 28, 1935) md. Susan Amanda Seitz … York, Pa. … No
410 B225724 Sarah Hess (Oct. 13, 1867-    ) md. Abraham Kauffman (see B223245), Quarryville, Pa.
435 B434 Magdalena Kuntz md. Abraham Kauffman (see B223). No
446 B711 Abraham Kauffman (   -1827) md. Magdalena Neff. No
447 B7115 Abraham N. Kauffman (1818-1833) md. Elizabeth Oberdorf (   -1897(. He moved to Indiana. No
450 B71156 Abraham Kauffman (    -Dec.  1929) md. Amanda Shank, Arcadia, Inc. No
453 B722 Henry Kauffman (Sept. 16, 1774-Feb. 14, 1860) md. Dec. 20, 1798, Anna Bare (    ), dau. of Martin Bare of E. Pensboro Twp., Cumberland Co. At this time Henry was living in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa. He moved to Adams Co., near East Berlin, Pa. Farmer. He is buried at Hershey Meetinghouse in Dover Twp., York Co., with his brothers Christian and Abraham. No. My Abraham died in KY and was buried there as well.
458-459 B723 Christian Kauffman (Apr. 12, 1781-Jan. 12, 1835), single. Reading Twp., Adams Co., Pa. Farmer. Mennonite. Buried at Hershey’s Meetinghouse, Dover Twp. York. Co. His brother petitioned Adams Co. court Aug. 22, 1836, stating that Christian left no widow or issue but six brothers and sisters of whole blood: Esther, wife of Andrew Hershey; Henry; Andrew; Nancy, wife of George Hauenstine; Abraham, now deceased; and Elizabeth, decased wife of Joseph Heisey, also deceased. No. Believe no connection but slight possibility that the Abraham mentioned ‘might’ be related.
459 B7241 Abraham Kauffman (Dec 21, 1806-July 26, 1883) md. Catherine Royer (     ), dau. of George Royer. Milling and distilling. [Fascinating information on this gentleman. Was called Abe.) No, lived in or around Bedford Co., Pa not in VA or KY.
460 B72432 Abraham L. Kauffman (Aug. 15, 1863-   ) md. Aug. 3, 1888, Dorotha Patterson. No
466 B728 Abraham Kauffman (Oct. 8, 1792-Dec. 4, 1834) md. May 10, 1819. … Married in Washington Co., Md., … Mennonite. No, age is right for son of a brother or cousin but my Coffman’s were never in Maryland.
470 B7285 Abraham H. Kauffman (Feb. 28, 1827-Oct. 28, 1847) md. Lovina Urick, Dover Twp., York Co., Pa. Died before birth of a son. No
470 B72851 Abraham Kauffman (Feb. 25, 1848-Aug. 12, 1921) md. Salinda Glatfelter (July 12, 1848-Apr. 5, 1930), Spring Grove, Pa. No
471-472 B72a John Kauffman. Nothing is known further regarding him. A letter of Jacob Kauffman, ninth son of Andrew states, “After grandfather moved, one of the older boys went to Frederick, Md., and father never saw him after he left home. The boy went to live with an uncle.” Whether this is the above John or another brother we do not know. We know that his brother Abe married in Washington Co., Md., in 1819 to his second cousin Susanna Herr and letter may refer to Abraham,; but Abe is younger than Andrew. Extremely doubtul as this family was in Adams Co., PA (Reading Twp.) However, this section has tons of details if this is your family.
473 B74113 Abraham B. Kauffman (Jan. 19, 1874-Nov.7, 1930) … Single. No
474 B74196 Abraham Lincoln Kauffman (Apr. 6, 1860-Mar. 29, 1861). No
487 C1136d Abraham Kauffman (Nov. 12, 1845-June 22, 1917) md. Hetty Copenheffer. Drummer boy; Co. A 94 P.V. Inf. and Co. H 8 O. Cav. No
488 C1137a Abraham L. Kauffman (Apr. 6, 1843-    ) md. ________, Arkadelphia, Ark. Issue: Two sons. No
495 C1181 Abraham C. Kauffman (Mar. 30, 1799-Dec. 17, 1886), single. … No. But if this is your family be sure to see the rest of his interesting data.
497 C11a14 Abraham S. Kauffman (July 10, 1834-Apr. 14, 1882) md. Catherine McMullen … White Oak, Lancaster Co., Pa. No
497 C11a149 Abraham Kauffman (May 24, 1873-Aug. 13, 1873). No
533 D217 Mary Strickler (Aug. 3, 1781-    ) md. Abraham Coffman (Jan. 16, 17760    ), son of David and g.s. of Martin. Moved to Licking Co., O. See D31. Sadly no. How I wish this said, moved to what became Hardin Co., KY.
535 D3 … letter was written by Abraham Coffman of Licking Co., Ohio, to his brother Daniel Coffman in Shenandoah Co., Va., Feb. 2, 1813, and was found preserved all these years in the Bible of Daniel. [Full letter follows.] No, see the D217 entry above.
This is the same person.
536 D31 Abraham Coffman (Jan. 16, 1776-   1837) md. Sept. 22, 1801, Mary Strickler (Aug. 3, 1781-    ), dau. of John and Barbara Brumbach Strickler. He traveled to Licking Co., O., on horseback with a bag of gold in front of saddle. This was in 1809. No. How can I tell?
The bag of gold!
537 D3143 Abraham Straus Coffman (Apr. 17, 1850-   1863). No
538 D319 Abraham Coffman (Jan. 25, 1814-    ). No
559 E355d Abraham Lincoln Coffman (Apr. 9, 1865-    ), Chehalis, Wash. No
590 214 Lewis Coffman (Jan. 19, 1795-    1865) md. Oct. 25, 1821, Madaline Shultz, Clay Twp., Highland Co., O., near Buford. Issue: Abraham; Lewis; William; Henry md. Margaret Aukes; Lucy md. John Ruble whose son Dr. W. K. Ruble is Health Director of Wilmington, O. Doubtful. However he could have been the son of My Abraham’s brother or cousin. And one of my g-g-g-grandfather Harmon’s sons was named Lewis, my g-g-grandfather.
596 4425 Abraham Coffman md. Emma Kibbler. No
604 8 Abraham Kauffman (     ) md. Veronica _________. In 1783, he and his wife deed their interest to the land in W. Nanteal Twp., Chester Co., to his mother. The Census of 1790 lists one Abraham Kauffman as resident of Bern Twp., Berks Co., with one male over 16 yrs.; 4 under 16 and three feamles. In 1821, one Abraham Kauffman died in Armaugh Twp., Mifflin Co., Pa., and willed his wife Fanny everything. His executors were son Abraham and Daniel Kreider. No. And more details in this secon on his father Chrsitian Kauffman (   -1764) md. Jan. 13, 1755, Margaretta Schnaebele, who died 1784. … Often people try to connect My Abraham with this one. But as you can see he died in 1821 in PA; mine died in 1848 in KY.
612 4 Abraham Kauffman was executor of father’s (Jacob) will. … No. Father Jacob (1823-1879).
612 4 Samuel Kauffman (Oct. 21, 1802, in Lancaster Co., Pa.-1867) md. Elizabeth Swartz, Trumbull Co., Ohio. Issue: Elizabeth, Tobias, Matthew, Mary Ann md. Andrew Hull, Maria, Jane, Samuel, Susanna, Abraham, Martha. No
612 7 Abraham Kauffman (Jan. 29, 1810, in Lancaster Co., Pa.-Sept.  1903) md. Mary A. Hartzel, Janesville, Wis. Issue: Eight children. No
613 4 Abraham Kauffman (1802-    ) md. Sarah _________ (1805-    ), lived near Mattawana, Little Valley, Oliver Twp., Mifflin Co., Pa. … No
613 5–2 Abraham Kauffman (1834-    ). No
619 78 David Kaufman (    1769-Jan.   1855) md. _____ Renfrew. Lived in Juniata Co., Pa. His land passed to Jonathan Kauffman in 1856 and adjoined Samuel Sieber. James Sieber, and Abraham Kauffman. No
621 6 Abram Kauffman. No. Son of Samuel (1798-1857). Nothing else listed. But if son of Samuel, impossible as my Abraham.
623 7 Frederick Kauffman (1709-1789) md. Elizabeth ________. Sept. 21, 1742, a Fredrich Kauffman landed in Philadelphia from ship Frances and Mary. The tax roll for Donegal Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., shows him in 1757 taxed 15 shillings. Tradition speaks of him coming from Switzerland, and serving in his community as a Mennonite minister. Issue: Abraham, John, and Barbara. No. But because the data fits and is often referenced as a ‘good probablity’, I am including the other details of these “Abraham’s” to save time in the future. One of the most telling reasons is that this book does outline the siblings and none of them FIT my family. However, I wouldn’t be surprised in the future to find them as “kissin’ cousins”.
623 7–1 Abraham Kauffman (1741-1802) md. Magdalena Shirk, dau. of Casper Sherick of Bethel Twp. He fell heir to the homestead which is now near Annville, Lebanon Co., Pa. At the time of his death, it was a part of Dauphin Co., Pa.; prior to this, Lancaster Co. Issue: Abraham, Christ, Catherine, Barbara, John , and Magdalena. See pg 623, #7
623 7–1-1 Abraham Kauffman (1771-1826) md. Elizabeth ______, Annville, Pa. Continued on old homestead. His executors were son Christian and friend John Sherrick. See pg 623, #7
623 7–1-1 Jacob Kauffman (Feb. 21, 1804-   1840) md. Sarah ______. Issue: Joseph, Moses, Catherine, Abraham, Anna. See pg 623, #7
623 7–1-2 Abraham Kauffman (     -Jan. 8, 1887) md. Elizabeth _______, S. Annville, Pa. Issue: Louise md. Jacob Richards; Samuel, Benjamin, Christina, Abraham, Elizabeth, Rebecca, George. See pg 623, #7
625 3 Abraham Kauffman, died in childhood near Annville, Pa. No
626 9a2 Abraham Kauffman [son of Isaac Kauffman (1814-1869)] ) 1847-    ) md. ______________ Wineman. No
627 4–1-2 Abraham D. Kauffman (Aug. 5, 1846-Nov. 12, 1891) md. Emma Snavely, Shiremanstown, Pa. No
627 4–3 Abraham D. Kauffman md. Jeanette Smith, Chambersburg, Pa. [Son of John Kauffman & Catherine _____, Cumberland Co., Pa.] No
630 7 Abraham Kauffman (Nov. 26, 1780-Apr. 13, 1847) md. Mary Spangler (Oct. 25, 1781-Sept. 26, 1841), Boiling Springs, Pa. No, the next entry about his son definitely removes him. These Kauffmans were educated. According to a census, my Abraham could not read or write.
630 7–1 Rev. Abraham Kaufman (Jan. 5, 1811-Aug. 28, 1849) md. Anna Faber, Grad. of Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa; Andover Theolog. Sem.; Paster of St. Philips Church, Charleston, S. C. No, date of birth makes this impossible.
630 7–1-1 Abraham Kaufman. [Son of Rev. Kaufman above- nothing else written in the book. No
636 4–6 Abram Kauffman md. Margaret Jacobs, Waynesboro, Pa. Issue: … No. None of the issue listed match anyone in my lineage in addition to marriage in PA.
637 1 Abraham Coffman (1796 in Penna.-    ) md. Sept. 12, 1816, at Zanesville, O., Jane Spear (1795 in Penna.-    ). Tradition relates he came down the Monongahela River, settling temporarily at Zanesville, later going to Kentucky and finally at New Albany, Floyd Co., Ind. No. His parents were Henry & Catherine (?) Coffman who died in Muskingum Co., OH. Even though Abraham comes to KY, checking the other siblings on the next page none ended up in KY.
640 2–3 Abraham Brenneman Kauffman. No. Son of Hans or John Kauffman. Married “… a Catholic who influenced him and most of the children from the Mennonite faith.” The children are listed in the book and none match my Coffman lineage.
649 3 Christian Kauffman (    -1823) md. Magdalena, Upper Berne. Was executor of father’s will. Issue: Fanny, Elizabeth, Abraham md. Catherine ________; John, Jacob; Christian md. Eve _________; and Magdalena. No, son of Christian & Magdalena; grandson of Isaac Kauffman.
649 b Abraham Kauffman, who was not yet 21 when his father died. No. Unsure but believe this is the same Abraham, son of Christian listed above.
654 151 Abraham Coffman (Aug. 13, 1824-    ) md. Evaline Johnson (Apr. 8, 1828-    ). Carpenter. Dunkard. Annex, Va. No, son of John Coffman (1801-1854) & Rebecca Erbaugh. Farmer. Dunkard [p. 653). John was a contemporary of my g-g-g-grandfather Harmon, b. 1802.
664 1 Abraham Kauffman (    1774-Nov.1825) md. Anna Kauffman. Received homestead. Executors were John Lehman and William Kauffman. Issue: Catherin, William, Sarah md. John Lawson. No, he was son of Jacob (1751-1824) & Elizabeth Rupp who lived in Pa. The homestead was also in Pa. So even though the dates are about right, the location is wrong and of course the date of death.
671 5 … In 1819 Christian Coffman petitioned the court of Mifflin Co. [PA) stating that his brother David Coffman lately died and left three children under 14 years named Samuel, Abraham, and Christian. … No. Father David is about same age of my Abraham. So his son could not possibly work. Plus they all were in PA and not VA.
672 53 Hannah Kauffman (Oct. 2, 1800-     ) md. Abraham Kauffman (1789-1864), Juniata Co., Pa. No
672 533 Abraham K. Kauffman (1832-    ) md. Harriet Musser, Juniata Co., Pa. No
678 56a5 Abraham Kauffman (July 2, 1883-    ) md. Mar. 7, 1905, Minerva Detweiler (Oct. 23, 18860    ). Issue: … No
679 58 Abraham Kauffman (Dec. 15, 1810-    ). No
688 9 Abraham Kauffman md. Mary Ann Keck, Holmes co., O. No. Marriage location doubtul but first children was born in 1823.
688 9–3-1 Abraham Kauffman md. Sarah Sproul. Greentree, Ind. No, grandson of the above.
688 9–4 Abraham A. Kauffman md. Mary Ann Schrock, Walnut Creek, Holmes Co., O. No, state location incorrect.
693 4 Abraham Coffman (May 5, 1818-July 11, 1895) md. Caroline Wagner (18250    ). No, date of birth makes this impossible.
696 11623 Abraham Kauffman md. Lily J. _________, Buffalo Roads, Union Co. [PA] No
698 Under John Kauffman John Kauffman (1761-1861) md. Sarah Pence. (The tradition is that he fled from Hamburg, Germany, at the age of 18 yrs. to escape military duty. His home was near Hanover, Pa., where he lived until the Civil War, dying at age of 100 years. His brother Abraham attempted to come over but was lost at sea). … No
699 4 Abram C. Kauffman md. Caroline Slearus, Watertown, Ill. No. Son of Peter C. Kauffman (1842-1906).
705 Appendix M Michael Coffman (     ) md. Margaret Drais, dau. of Jacob Drais. He owned land in Hardy Co., W. Va., which he and wife sold in 1808 to John Judy. In 1836 and 1838, Michael and wife, Margaret, sell to Abraham Coffman; … In 1837, Abraham Coffman sold to Michael Simon for $350 parts of three surveys… Apparently, Henry, Michael[,] Jesse, Solomon and Nevelle Coffman are brothers and sons of Michael. No. Well not the Abraham mentioned here. By 1837 my Abraham was well estabished in KY. If this is your family, then definitely look in this book, this page. Lots of info. But the timing is right — see entry on p. 706.
706 4 Abraham Coffman. Research. Nothing else is written next to his name. But the way it appears, even though Abraham is not listed above as a probably brother or son, he is listed here as Michael Coffman’s son along with Solomon, Nevelle, and Jesse. What if … what if the VA listed in the census for my Abraham was really West Virginia????
709 5 Abraham Coffman md. (?) Aug. 12, 1796, Margaret Hawn, or possibly June 20, 1797, Polly Weaver, or Mar. 23, 1806, Martha Gomer. These marriages took place in Shenandoah Co. He is said to have moved to Indiana. One Catherine Coffman dau. of Abe md. June 2, 1882, John Souder. Research, Research, Research. This is the Abraham so often thought to be my ancester. Now there was one that married a Polly Weaver. Is it the same one who married Margaret Hawn? Note the other info on this page:
» 6– Daniel Coffman, said to have gone to Alabama.
» 7– Elizabeth Coffman, said to have married a Hawn and moved to Tenn.
» 8–Mary Coffman md. Apr. 24, 1798, James Perry, Tenn.
» 9–Rebecca Coffman md. Apr.3, 1791, Christopher Hawn, Tenn.
722 4–2 Abraham Cauffman (Jan. 21, 1822-   1900) md. Dec. 29, 1870, Mary Jane House. No. Date wrong and families were in Perry Co., PA.
723 5 Abraham Carpenter Kauffman (May 11, 1832-July 26, 1899) md. Henrietta Linn. No
723 5–2 Abraham Kauffman md. Martha ____________. Saginaw, Mich. Issue: Dorothy. No
724 2–4 Abraham M. Kauffman. No. Nothing else by the name but these were PA Kauffmans.
729 Appendix T Theodore George Albrecht Kauffman (May 7, 1743-   1813) md. Margaret Eyler, Duth Corner, Bedford Co., Pa. Listed usualy as George Kauffman. Tombsonte lists children as Conrad, Abraham, Susan. No, son would be too young, see below.
729 Appendix T, 6 Abraham Kauffman, single, Bedford Co., Pa. No. And there is the fact he’s single.