Returning to The Genealogy Road

There is no easy or quick road to return to what was your normal life after the death of a spouse. The return road is what it is. It’s a dark road that no one would choose to travel. … I could not do any genealogy at all.

Genealogy for me is fun. I enjoy it. I have since the first moment that I looked up some family history. So how could I do something fun.

Read the full post to find out how I’m taking steps to get back on The Genealogy Road.

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Saddest Day of My Life …

On April 27th, my husband, Dr. E. Brian Peach, died of a massive heart attack at our home. No warning. No medical cautionary words made. The man did not take any medications on a regular basis. His latest blood test was one any of us would desire. April 27th will forever remain one of the saddest days of my life.

I’m sure you understand now why I’ve been off-line and will be for probably another month. You’ll find his full obituary here.

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Two Coffman Family Bibles with Begats

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”navy” class=”” size=””]These Bibles are the FIRST found with begats.[/pullquote]

Recently my cousin Bill went through his mother’s trunk and found two family Bibles that contained birth, marriage & death dates. Two of them!!! The reason I’m so excited is in almost 20 years of family research I had yet to find a family Bible with ‘begats’ in them.

I am going to share data in the Bibles & other things from Bill’s box on this site & there is a way you can know every time that happens. Read the entire post to find out what is coming & how to not miss out on family data.

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Struggling with Genealogy Goals

The struggle is not setting a genealogy goal.
The struggle is setting the RIGHT goal.

I’m a list girl/woman. People who do lists usually are goal oriented. Or at least that’s MHO. I can even get preachy about setting goals. Without them I would never have accomplished what I have in my life. So why on earth am I struggling with setting the RIGHT genealogy goal.

Honestly, I could use some help. What follows is some goals. But are they the right goals. I’m tired of struggling with this. Maybe you are having the same kind of problem. Hopefully people will respond.

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