Book Review: Evernote: The Beginners Guide to Mastering Evernote to Skyrocket Success and Achieve Your Goals

Evernote: The Beginners Guide to Mastering Evernote to Skyrocket Success and Achieve Your Goals by Brad Holloway book cover.
Book Title: Evernote: The Beginners Guide to Mastering Evernote to Skyrocket Success and Achieve Your Goals
Author: Brad Holloway
Publisher: Self-published via Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Publish Date: July 25, 2014
Pages if printed: 40
Format: Kindle & Paperback
How Obtained: Free download Kindle
How Read: on Kindle Cloud via laptop

Quick Review for the Genealogist:

Book Aimed for:  Beginner ~ Intermediate ~ Advanced
Book Meant for Genealogy: No
Did I Learn Something I Did Not Know? Yes
Did the Book Feel Like a “Cut & Paste”? No
Did the Book Have Errors? Yes
~ Typos? One      ~ Evernote Errors: Yes
Did the book have grammatical errors? No
Did the book have in-depth information? No
Did the book have examples or illustrations? No
Did the book have links to other sites or information? No
Did the book have clearly labeled TIPS? No
Do I recommend this book for genealogy researchers who use or might use Evernote? *NO*

Overall Rating: 1.5 stars.

Book Synopsis & Reason for Rating:

Author lists Seven Reasons to Buy This Book and in this reviewer’s opinion achieves only one — a comparison between Evernote Basic, Evernote Premium, and Evernote Business, making it simple to understand.

The following is the Table of Contents with review comments:

  • What is Evernote?
  • A Simple Q & A
    • Meant to be a brief overview of the most common questions although I found a couple of questions that weren’t on my “beginning questions” list.
      • “Does Evernote trace modifications done on documents or anything else?”
      • “Is there any protection with just normal Evernote, not Evernote Business?”
      • “Does Evernote support Excel or Access?”
    • There is a section called Evernote Top Features containing very brief explanations of things like “Storage, Stacking Notebooks, Emailing, Web Clipper” but not a single instruction or link.
  • Some Evernote Tutorials
    • These are the authors tutorial and have numbered set of instructions.
      • Creating an Account which has “Go to the Evernote official website to download the app.” There is NO link & how would a true beginner know if they were at the “official” Evernote site or not. Section also has a typo “There are thee steps …” instead of “There are three steps …
      • Evernote on iPad.
      • To Change Color. A better title would have been “To Change App Background Color.”
      • Starting a Note which begins with non-helpful info: “There is a ‘notes’ button.” No picture or description to where that button might be or what it looks like.
      • Adding Notes to Notebook – Step #2 states “A list of notebooks that you have currently will drop down.” Except you only have a mini-idea of what a notebook might be. So it’s doubtful you “currently” have any notebooks.
      • Another Way to Add Notes — a completely WRONG title since it has NOTHING to do with adding notes. It’s about moving notes.
      • Changing the Default Notebook. At this point the word notebook has been used “notebook app”. There is not been a good definition of what a notebook is in Evernote, a rather key feature for new users to know.
        • A good hint was buried in the first paragraph & one I didn’t know: Adding an ! (exclamation point) at the beginning of your default notebook ensures it will always be at the top of your notebook stack.
      • Creating a Tag. In the first section the author has “The Importance of Tagging” but has not explained what a tag is. In this section he says that tagging helps you “organize” your notes. But again, no examples so if you have no CLUE about Evernote & are not very technical, you still won’t know what it is.
      • How Are Other Things Doable? No meat here either. The “other things” aren’t even defined.
  • Using Evernote to Achieve Goals & Success
    • A nice set of “to-do’s” such as “Make it a Habit” or “Know Your Goals” but no How-To’s on exactly what to do. And without those…exactly how ARE you going to Skyrocket [to] Success and Achieve Your Goals?
  • Evernote & the Business World section begins with a good opening paragraph that states this section is not for “basic” Evernote [information] but for the Business & Premium Evernote.
    • Sharing Files segment would fit better as an answer to “Can Evernote Share Files?” in the Q&A. Nothing on how it is done.
    • Same for the Emailing with Evernote which has what you can email with Evernote but nothing on how or limitations.
    • Editing Files … same-o same-o.
    • Ditto for Limiting Access, Authorizing Deletion, Utilizing Note History, Full-Screen Presentations.
    • Everything in this section could have been part of the Q&A.
  • Evernote: Premium, Free version, and Business – missing in the prelim paragraph is both Premium & Business has a cost with Business being the highest. The only clue was the word invest to get either of them. However, that information is provided in the segments below.
    • Evernote Basic – the best section thus far in the book with a very good & succinct explanation of this level of Evernote with the key things you can do or not do with that version.
    • Evernote Premium – like the Basic, another good, short explanation of what Premium can do.
    • Evernote Business – since I was never interested in Business Evernote before, this section was interesting. It’s clear & concise.
    • Which is Better? Again, a good segment & well stated.
      • Of course, this book was to a general audience. He states “Evernote Premium is more so for the people who plan to use Evernote for their work or school projects.” I would add that if you need to search PDFs – then you need Premium.
  • A Quick Evernote Overview includes several segments and are the same. Light & quick paragraphs with the ending one called “Evernote is an Extension of Your Mind.”
  • The Thank You for reading & please review.

What MAJOR Evernote Features was Missing?

  1. That Evernote can search images for words. Imagine — put all your obits on Evernote and you can search for a NAME or a PLACE. Or a letter written in cursive — Evernote can search that image as well.
  2. That you can Email TO Evernote & even have Evernote put the email into a specific notebook with specific tags.

The Evernote: Premium, Free version, and Business Section in the book is the best part of the book. BUT I cannot recommend purchasing it for this section. This same information is available “for free” off the “Evernote Official” site: .

[box type=”bio”]Note from the Reviewer: I did not receive a request to review this book nor was I paid in any form. A full review is provided as well as specific questions for those interested in genealogy.  [/box]