Two Coffman Family Bibles with Begats

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”navy” class=”” size=””]These Bibles are the FIRST found with begats.[/pullquote]

Recently my cousin Bill went through his mother’s trunk and found two family Bibles that contained birth, marriage & death dates. Two of them!!! The reason I’m so excited is in almost 20 years of family research I had yet to find a family Bible with ‘begats’ in them.

I am going to share data in the Bibles & other things from Bill’s box on this site & there is a way you can know every time that happens. Read the entire post to find out what is coming & how to not miss out on family data.

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Homestead Act of May 20, 1862

Free Land! Small registration Fee. Just take up residence on the land, improve it—and it is yours!

This drew people like my great-great-grandfather, Harmon Coffman, to migrate from one state to another. In his case from Kentucky to Missouri. And I suspect that many people did what he did—brought part of his family with him. Not all of his children came but some did.

Did you know that some states & parts of Texas were EXCLUDED?


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Convinced My Coffman’s Were NOT from Rockingham Co. VA

What if all you knew about an ancestor was

…that he was born in Virginia sometime in the 1770s … and
that he lived someplace in Virginia and
… that he had several children before moving to Kentucky about 1803?

I know quite a bit about my ancestor Abraham Coffman after he migrated to Kentucky but absolutely nothing certain about him before that with the exception of the birth of a number of children. I have been searching since October of 1998 for the Virginia information which includes his parents and any siblings. I know more about who he isn’t that who he is (in Virginia).

Why I do not believe MY Coffman’s are Rockingham County Virginia Coffman’s

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New Page on Coffman’s in Rockingham Co., VA

Today I discovered a book of the records in Rockingham County, VA. And since Coffman’s often pop-up in that county when doing genealogy research, I was excited. Lots of Coffman’s; NONE were mine. Sigh! But I created a page for reference for me & for all those that might find a match. If you research the Coffman’s, I strongly encourage you to read the full post.

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