Struggling with Genealogy Goals

The struggle is not setting a genealogy goal.
The struggle is setting the RIGHT goal.

I’m a list girl/woman. People who do lists usually are goal oriented. Or at least that’s MHO. I can even get preachy about setting goals. Without them I would never have accomplished what I have in my life. So why on earth am I struggling with setting the RIGHT genealogy goal.

Honestly, I could use some help. What follows is some goals. But are they the right goals. I’m tired of struggling with this. Maybe you are having the same kind of problem. Hopefully people will respond.

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How To Get More Time To Do Genealogy

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I can actually invite people into my office and not be ashamed of it.[/pullquote]

For the first time in YEARS my office is straight. Yes, it is crowded with genealogy “stuff”. But the “stuff” is in boxes, folders, etc. Nothing is sitting in a pile waiting for me to sort through it…

BUT…It’s embarrassing what got buried in my genealogy mess.

I share some examples.

One Way I Got More Time

Exactly what I did … and how you can do it too.

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What’s Happening in YOUR Genealogy World?

What’s Happening?

“Nothing with Genealogy. Absolutely nothing. But I sure am busy doing (or having to do) a lot of Other Things.”

Are you thinking of either one of these or both?
» I haven’t entered anything new in my genealogy for—well, it feels like forever.
» I’m doing everything else it seems BUT genealogy. I’m frustrated. And I feel guilty.

Are you beating yourself up just a little bit?

Click on Read More for possible help to tell if you should or shouldn’t.

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