Close the Database File Before Closing Your Genealogy Program

Family Tree Maker is especially ‘picky‘ about program closure with a file still open.

When you start the program the next time, you see a heart-stopping message about your file. I’ve even had FTM state it could not open the file.

The “fix” that has worked for me thus far (before I finally created a habit of always closing the file first, THEN closing the program) is to compact the file.

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Initials in Names–Whether It Is Nobler to Add a Period

To Period or Not To Period–THAT Is the Question.

[box type=”bio”] Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The Periods or No Periods in Names.[/box]

Did Shakespeare write about genealogy?
Okay, probably not and obviously certain “liberties” taken with the above.

Our instinct is to use periods such as J. J. Doe rather than J J Doe. In fact I can think of several teachers & professors in my life who would have not only marked the J J in red BUT taken off a few points for missing something so apparent. But this is not a term paper. What is the right thing to do in genealogy?

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Surname in All CAPS? What Difference Does It Make Anyway?

Why have a SURNAME in all caps? What’s the big deal anyway.

Absolutely none if you never want to share your genealogy or ask for assistance.

And if that’s the case, you are either very new and believe no one will ever want to see your data. [Wrong. People will.]

Plus asking for help — a little embarrassing because you don’t know what to ask for.

OR … you really aren’t into finding out about your ancestors at all. There are people like that out there strange as that may seem. But the chances of them actually reading this post are most likely between slim ‘n’ none.

So are you JUST asking? Or do you REALLY want to know?

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