Step 11: Eliminate The Stress & Finish Phase 3, Part 1

It’s important you don’t accept what you have done thus far & stop now.

[pullquote]11th in Series: How to Clean a Messy Office or Office Area.[/pullquote]
Things are looking great. Your genealogy work area whether it’s a corner of a room or an entire office is looking good. The temptation is to bask in its beauty and call the cleaning-the-office project done. And if you do, the stress monster will begin to nag.

Here’s my Still-To-Do List at Beginning of Phase 3:

  • Pull out everything under my desk.
  • Pull everything out of the five not-so-hidden storage spaces between bookcase & wall (2), filing cabinet & wall, filing cabinet & lateral filing cabinet, and desk & bookcase.
  • And I’ve add to that cleaning out desk drawers. I have an L-shaped desk. I’ve already did some cleaning of the two filing drawers in Phase 2. But like almost everything else in my office, my smaller height desk drawers (5) were filled when I moved into the office. And that’s been three years! I admit it. I really only know about the stuff in the first 3-5″ of each drawer.

The Surprising Thing Is . . .

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Step 10: Close to 90% Done Cleaning My Office with End of Phase 2

In Step 9 I claimed that when you completed it, you would be 2/3rd through with your office or office area cleanup. When I wrote that, I was “guessing”. Frankly, I looked at what I had left of what I deemed as Phase 2 & made a guess. Turns out for me it was more like 3/4th done.

[pullquote]10th in Series: How to Clean a Messy Office or Office Area.[/pullquote]

The only way I know to explain it to you is visually. Show you pictures, state what I found & did with them. And the result.

And why it is rare you don’t reach 100% in this phase.

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Step 9: How to Keep Cleaning & Why You May Be Stuck

The Difference Between a Regular Office|Work Space & a Genealogy Office|Work Space

[pullquote]9th in Series: How to Clean a Messy Office or Office Area.[/pullquote]

Simple. Genealogy offices or work areas will need to KEEP more stuff than a regular home office. Unless you have finished your genealogy research, you will have copied papers, books, magazine articles, CDs, etc. I’ve had a home office space for 40+ years & I have NEVER had the amount of “stuff” that just cannot be tossed, donated, or archived that I have with my genealogy material.

Phase 2 — Why You May Be Stuck

I call this part “Phase 2” because it’s about now that people give up. They have worked hard to finally get things in order. They see progress. They have made some tough decisions. They ask a friend or a family member to “see what I’ve gotten done” and hear “Un-hun. Okay. It seems you’re … er ah … hum … working hard on this.” Or even more bluntly, ” Well, I really don’t see any difference. There’s so much ‘stuff’.

Remember. They don’t have the same vision you do. They don’t mean to be discouraging. But it may make you take some time off wondering, why am I even bothering.

So–how to keep on keeping on.

Phase 2 – How to Keep Cleaning…

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Step 8: Phase 2 of Cleaning Up a Messy Genealogy Office Begins

Moving into Phase 2

[pullquote]8th in Series: How to Clean a Messy Office or Office Area.[/pullquote]

Phase 1: Steps 1-7 of the “How to Clean a Messy [Genealogy] Office or Office Area” dealt with three topics.

  1. How to get started when you don’t know where to begin.
  2. How to find space when there isn’t any.
  3. How to determine the best use of the space you have.

Phase 2 will include:

  • What next after the “aggravating visible piles”.
  • How to deal with the lack of HUGE visible change in office (area) appearance.
  • Handling interruptions in your cleanup process.
  • How to mix in some “real” genealogy work into the cleanup of office or office area even if your genealogy data is still a mess.

Click “Read More” for the listed titles of the first seven steps & focus of topics for Phase 1.

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