Two Coffman Family Bibles with Begats

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”navy” class=”” size=””]These Bibles are the FIRST found with begats.[/pullquote]

Recently my cousin Bill went through his mother’s trunk and found two family Bibles that contained birth, marriage & death dates. Two of them!!! The reason I’m so excited is in almost 20 years of family research I had yet to find a family Bible with ‘begats’ in them.

I am going to share data in the Bibles & other things from Bill’s box on this site & there is a way you can know every time that happens. Read the entire post to find out what is coming & how to not miss out on family data.

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Participating in Birthplace Pedigree Chart Fun

My Birthplace Pedigree Chart.I just HAD to do this. While I knew my ancestors were from various places, I was surprised by all the different colors. I do know that if I took it out ONE more generation the chart would have even MORE colors!

The featured image for this post is my birthplace pedigree chart.

Click the title to learn where to obtain the master chart & how to create a fun chart of your own.

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