New Research Page on Sinclair’s in Allegheny Co., PA

I have created a new research page ” Sinclair’s in Allegheny County, PA Around 1800” with a goal of find the parents and siblings of James Blair Sinclair (1797-1880) who is a direct ancestor. And yes, you could call this a brick wall. Since I know where he was born and when, I decided to make a list of every Sinclair (regardless of spelling) and start a process of elimination.

This page will have spurts of frequent updates. And no, I won’t announce it via a post unless it is a BIG breakthrough. But if you check the home page of this site, you’ll see a “widget” section called “Latest Significant Updates”. This includes *new* posts or pages but also any page where I have no made a minor change but added NEW data.

The page is limited to certain years. The details on on the page.

Even when there is no breakthrough on such an endeavor, such pages are extremely helpful on knowing who NOT to research.

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