WordPress.org or WordPress.com? Difference clearly defined

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

WPKUBE posted a great article doing EXACTLY that with an outstanding infographic. Because both org and com USE the same core software, it is easy to become confused about the two.  Both have pluses; both have negatives.

I wish WPKUBE had written this article six months ago when I was seriously considering moving this site as well as the genealogy site that I also administer to WordPress.com. It would have saved me a LOT of time.

Keep reading to view infographic as well as the decision I made for this site & some advice for the WordPress beginner.

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How to Exchange WordPress & Facebook Posts, Part 2

I really wish I was an artist. Even a tiny bit of one. I’d put the logo for Jetpack on a white horse galloping toward my castle. But you will just have to visualize it.

With Jetpack plugin, exchanging data between WordPress & Facebook Is EASY!

I just wished I had figured out before I spent SO much time looking at other “stuff” (stuff in this case is a HIGHLY technical term). The good news is you don’t have to!

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