Writing Family History Ain’t Easy

Keep Getting Stuck ~or~ Can’t Get Started

How do I answer the question, ‘Who is the book for?’
I don’t want a begat book. Or do I?
Writing that kind of family history is easier since several genealogy software products will do it for you.

Having enough material to write a book is not the problem. Having enough proven material is. Having the data I’ve collected for over 15 years properly sourced is. Do I write PART of a book? Is that better than never writing one at all?

Whether to combine families from husband & wife is not the problem. I decided years ago that my father’s and mother’s families deserved their own ‘book’.

And I still couldn’t get started…

How I got “unstuck” and actually started really writing. Maybe it will help you too.
What I have discovered along the way.
And why you haven’t seen any of it … yet.

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