List of all Coffmans, any spelling, married in State of Virginia through 1810

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List is complete as I can make it. All counties, where I have access to the source, have been included. Note: This list has not been updated in several years.
~ Refernces listed at bottom of list.

Marriage Date Coffman Spouse Virginia County Other Info
1784 or 1785 Coffman, Abraham Thursby, Ann Hampshire Source:
05 Apr 1783 Coffman, Franey Hance, Frederick Rockingham
05 Sep 1786 Coffman, Margaret Bonehart, John Shenandoah
16 Jul 1787 Coffman, John Moyers, Nancy Shenandoah
23 Apr 1788 Coffman, Sarah Bidenhour, John Shenandoah
06 Sep 1788 Coffman, John Levy, Mary Shenandoah
07 Feb 1789 Coffman, John Bruebaker, Anna Shenandoah
05 Oct 1789 Coffman, Jacob Kibles, Molly Shenandoah
03 Nov 1789 Coffman, Magdalene Woolf, Henry Shenandoah
27 May 1790 Coffman, John Townsend, Elizabeth Shenandoah
28 Apr 1791 Cofman, Rebecca Haun, Christopher Shenandoah
04 Jun 1791 Coffman, Leonard Hannon, Peggy Shenandoah
18 Oct 1792 Coffman, Elizabeth Horn, Abraham Shenandoah
24 Dec 1792 Cofman, George Pickel, Mary Shenandoah
07 Apr 1793 Coffman, Catharine Laundrice, John Rockingham
14 Aug 1793 Cofman, Christina Rinehart, John Shenandoah
11 Sep 1793 Coffman, David Busswitt, Elizabeth Shenandoah
10 Nov 1793 Cofman, Barbary Neff, John Shenandoah
13 May 1794 Kaufman, Peter Strickler, Anna Shenandoah
03 Sep 1794 Coffman, Barbara Robinson, William Rockingham
1794 (no month or day Coffman, Jacob Rudy, Catherine Franklin Note that date of marriage listed but apparently unreadable. Sources states: Coffman, Jacob and Catherine Rudy,(???), 1794. 89.
19 Jul 1796 Cauffman, Abraham Howey, Margaret Shenandoah I first thought this was my paternal ancestor. But it would have to be a second marriage as by this date he had at least 2 children, Axsa born 6-Nov-1791 and John Henry born before 28-Sep-1792. And his will states his wife was Margaret Triplett.
14 Oct 1796 Coffman, Elizabeth Neff, Daniel Shenandoah Is this the same Elizabeth as record above?
Her middle initial may be R.
From multiple OneWorldTree records (weak source):
Elizabeth b. Oct 1776, Hempfiled, Lancaster, PA
d. 27 Dec 1853, Montgomery, VA (but that might be Ohio).
Possible parent: Samuel H. Coffman & Elizabeth Reist
Daniel born 24 Oct 1768, Shenandoah, VA; d. 27 Apr 1847 in Montgomery, Ohio.
20 Dec 1796 Coffman, Samuel Orabough, J. Catharine Rockingham Page 8 of Google full book of “Virginia Valley Records: Genealogical and Historical Materials of Rockingham County” as her name listed as Katy Orabough.
05 Jan 1797 Coffman, Barbary Spitler, Joseph Shenandoah
05 Jun 1797 Kauffman, Christian (bride) Huddle, George Shenandoah
07 Dec 1798 Coffman, Martin Whitehouse, Sarah Rockingham Source: Page 10 of Google full book of “Virginia Valley Records: Genealogical and Historical Materials of Rockingham County”.
08 Jun 1797 Kaufman, David Spitler, Cathrine Shenandoah
19 Jun 1797 Coffman, Abraham Weaver, Polly Shenandoah
16 Apr 1798 Coffman, Mary Perry, James Shenandoah
29 Jun 1798 Coffman, Cathrine Surber, Henry Shenandoah
08 Aug 1798 Coffman, Joseph Lindsey, Isabella Shenandoah
11 Aug 1798 Coffman, Christina Wetzel, John Shenandoah
15 Oct 1798 Caufman, Benj. Naufsinger, Hannah Franklin Note states: Sur. John Nofsinger. 21.
27 Nov 1798 Coffman, Harman Hickamn, Margaret Frederick
18 Jan 1799 Coffman, Magdalene Rinker, George Jr. Shenandoah
12 Feb 1799 Coffman, Susanna Coffman, Samuel Shenandoah
15 Oct 1799 Coffman, Mary Burkholder, Jacob Rockingham
04 Jan 1800 Coffman, John Bradley, Nancy Montgomery
16 Apr 1800 Coffman, Jacob Cooke, Elizabeth Augusta
17 Aug 1800 Coffman, Peter Weaver, Sally Shenandoah
29 Dec 1800 Coffman, Jacob Gum, Sarah Rockingham
12 Jan 1801 Coffman, Susannah Jones, Thomas Shenandoah
30 Mar 1801 Coffman, Jacob Amen, Anne Botetourt
07 Apr 1801 Coffman, John Shoemaker, Rachel Rockingham
16 Jun 1801 Coffman, Nancy Ruffner, Benjamin Shenandoah
19 Sep 1801 Coffman, Abraham Strickler, Mary Shenandoah
07 Jun 1802 Kaufman, Mary Pence, Jacob Shenandoah
04 Aug 1802 Caufman, Mary Reamer, David Shenandoah
31 Mar 1803 Coffman, Adolph Rinker, Barbara Shenandoah
06 Aug 1803 Coffman, George Hisey, Cathrine Shenandoah
13 Nov 1804 Coffman, Polly Smith, John Shenandoah
03 Jun 1805 Coffman, Jacob Maggert, Barbara Shenandoah
15 Feb 1806 Coffman, Adam Horsefluke, Elizabeth Shenandoah
14 Jul 1806 Coffman, John Bell, Elizabeth Augusta
26 Jul 1806 Caufman, David Fry, Elizabeth Shenandoah
11 Nov 1806 Coffman, Betsy Brugh, Peter Botetourt
12 Jan 1807 Coffman, Christian Grove, Christina Shenandoah
20 Jan 1807 Coffman, Mary Cretmyer, John Shenandoah
16 Jun 1807 Coffman, John Smith, Nancy Shenandoah
19 Jun 1807 Coffman, Samuel Gore, Peggy Shenandoah
07 Oct 1807 Coffman, Cathrine Betz, John Shenandoah
27 Dec 1807 Cofman, Andrew Conrad, Elizabeth Rockingham
02 May 1808 Coffman, Ann Strubler, Abraham Shenandoah
17 Mar 1810 Coffman, Elizabeth Fadely, David Shenandoah
18 Jun 1810 Coffman, Daniel Burner, Mary Shenandoah
17 Nov 1810 Coffman, Mary Cretmyer, John Shenandoah


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The Franklin County marriages are also from same site, “Franklin County, Virginia Marriage Bonds, 1786-1858”.
Other counties are from same source listed in “Virginia Marriages to 1800” or in “Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850”.
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