Childhood Photos ~ my father & his sister

Stanley & Beulah Coffman

This is a picture of my father and his sister Beulah. The estimated date is 1911 or 1912.

The picture was probably taken either at Trenton or Chillicothe, Missouri. The family lived in the Laredo area.

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Notice Beulah’s wrist. It appears she has some kind of dangle bracelet. Notice her shoes are “Mary Janes” or something close to it. What I also found to be surprising was how well both children are dressed.

My dad looks like his belt needs tightening. And surprise — he was had light brown or almost blonde hair. As a young man he had a thick head of black hair but he became bald like his father.

Do NOT download these pictures without my permission. You must contact me. These are family photos and are not under any kind of creative commons or open license for use.

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