Genealogy Research by Country

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”blue” class=”” size=””]Initially countries will concentrate on those related to ancestors of these four trees.[/pullquote]

Germany Research

  • Top Genealogy Websites for Finding Ancestors in Germany – A wealth of links on the site.
  • Germany / Deutschland research page from Cyndi’s List has a very comprehensive list. I especially like the list under the “How to”.
  • Deutsch Ahnenreihe, A Listing of Mostly Free German Ancestry – A site dedicated to providing German genealogy resource links.
  • Tips for Tracing German Ancestors – Published Dec. 11, 2013 by Family Tree Magazine for Plus customers. “Overcome five common research problems facing German genealogists.”
  • German Genealogy Group – searchable databases.
  • Understanding German Language and Surnames – “Check out this excerpt from Family Tree Magazine‘s German Genealogy Guide to help you understand the basics of the German language and learn about some common naming practices that can help in researching your Deutsch ancestors.”
    • Important section on this links is the German Given Names Traditions. “There are two German naming traditions genealogists should know.”
    • Plus Naming Patterns. “Researchers often hope that a naming pattern will provide clues about the given names of previous generations.” I certainly have that hope.
  • Germany Calling – An excellent post on The Legal Genealogist blog about Call Names which was a common practice of our German ancestors. “The minor little issue that what someone is called isn’t necessary what that person’s name was.