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Windows 10 Settings You Should Change Right Away [After Installing] “From showing file extensions to enabling system protection backups, here are seven things you need to change as soon as you get started with Windows 10.” 5-Aug-2015
How to remove pre-installed and suggested apps in Windows 10 Nothing is every free. We know that right? So how does Microsoft make money when it gives the Windows 10 operating system away free? This article coveres “Ininstalling promotional apps from Windows 10” and “Disabling app suggestions from the Start menu”. I personally find the latter a tad aggravating. 30-Nov-2015
Windows 10: 7 Default Settings You Should Change Immediately After Install “But a number of annoying things Microsoft has set Windows 10 machines to do is just plain absurd. Here are those settings, alongside a simple guide on how to fix them.”
1) Stop automatic updates.
2) Stop automatic restart.
3) Disable keylogger.
4) Stop Windows 10 from sipping your bandwidth for delivering updates to others.
5) Disable Wi-Fi Sense.
6) Stop (select) notification.
7) Delete files to claim free space.
How to stop Windows 10 messing up your drivers “The update process in Windows 10 has proved controversial. There was upset at the fact that updates are not optional, and this in turn led to driver updates breaking people’s computers.” Article tells you how to stop “auto” driver updates *BUT* you then have to make sure they are updated. 5-Oct-2015
How to uninstall default apps in Windows 10 “Windows 10 comes with a ton of default apps. While these apps don’t take up a lot of space on your hard drive, they do take up a lot of space in your Start menu. If you’re the type of person who likes clutter-free Start menu, you can uninstall some (but not all) of those default apps.” 25-Sep-2015
Top Things to Configure After Upgrading to Windows 10 1. Add Another Account & Create a System Restore Point
2.Install the Latest Windows 10 Updates and Check Device Manager
3. Install and Update Desktop and Store Applications
4. Adjust Screen Resolution
5. Personalize Start Menu, Lock Screen, and Desktop
6. Pin Often Used Items to Start Menu
7. Reclaim Disk Space After Upgrade
8. Install an Antivirus Utility (if needed)
9. Create a Recovery Drive and System Image
10. Install an Offsite Backup Service
How to fix Windows 10 blue screen of death: Common cures for crashes in Windows 10 Who wants to read about “blue screen of death” with a brand new operating system, but such things do happen. “The old-style blue screen of death may have changed to something more elegant in recent years, but seeing one appear on your PC is never a good thing. Here’s how to fix blue screen crashes in Windows 10, and what might be causing them.” 7-Sep-2015
One more major Windows 10 hassle: Upgrading your computer might mess with your free Windows 10 activation “Every time you change the hardware of your computer, especially major components, there’s a chance that Windows 10 will not recognize the machine as a computer that’s allowed to run an authorized version of Windows 10. Instead, it might be labeled as a non-genuine Windows 10 install, and there’s no automated process to make that kind of error disappear.” Article also gives how to fix but I think you won’t like it much more than I do. 26-Aug-2015
How to reclaim your privacy in Windows 10, piece by piece “One setting you should consider disabling is all the advertising integration in Windows 10.” I’ve included this link because I *think* this article has info not covered in the ones below. 24-Aug-2015
Why you should be (very) wary of Windows 10 if you own an older PC “Despite Microsoft’s massive Windows 10 advertising blitz, many older PCs do not support the new OS, and it can be absurdly difficult to determine if your system is supported.” 19-Aug-2015
Windows 10: Microsoft can disable pirated software, unauthorised hardware “The new terms and conditions allow Microsoft to change or update software on your computer and changes to the EULA were first spotted by PC Authority.” 16-Aug-2015
Windows 10 – How to Recover Your System after a Failed Update This is a link I hope you will never have to use. I hope I don’t have to use it! ?-Aug-2015
How to find your Windows 10 product key “If you upgrade your computer from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10, you probably have no idea what your product key is for the latest version of the operating system.” 9-Aug-2015
How to disable Windows 10 File Explorer’s new Quick Access view If I understand this correctly, if you liked the ‘ribbon’ in Windows 8 when clicking on File Explorer, this will explain how to get it back after installing Windows 10. 8-Aug-2015
How to customize Windows 10’s Action Center Action Center, something new in Windows 10, is “a unified place for all system notifications and quick access to various settings.” Article explains how to find it, what the options are, etc. 9-Aug-2015
Microsoft Corporation Replaces Windows Media Center With $15 Windows DVD Player Upgrading to Windows 10 means the multi-purpose Windows Media Center is no longer available. That app has been replaced by Windows DVD Player except to use it will cost $15. 8-Aug-2015
Stop Windows 10 spying dead in its tracks with one free app Even if you are dead set against using an app, check this article for the list of what it disables. Yikes! 5-Aug-2015
Windows 10 Starts Charging For Missing Features To play Solitaire is going to cost you. But the main reason I posted this article is for #2: Windows DVD Player. “Windows DVD Player also won’t play Blu-ray discs nor DVDs from file backups, it is 100% optical discs only.” AND ‘“free for a limited time”’. If that bothers you, do read this article. 5-Aug-2015
Windows 10 Issues: Cortana And Start Menu Show Critical Error “Most of the users are tackling problems with Cortana and the Start menu not launching.” Suggested workarounds are not ‘working’. Users are NOT happy. 5-Aug-2015
Windows 10 defaults to keylogging, harvesting browser history, purchases, and covert listening “By default, Microsoft gets to see your location, keystrokes and browser history — and listen to your microphone, and some of that stuff is shared with “trusted [by Microsoft, not by you] partners.” 3-Aug-2015
Windows 10: Users, Experts Raise Privacy Concerns “Some are even saying that the real price of Windows 10 – which is being marketed as a free upgrade – is actually users’ privacy.” 3-Aug-2015
5 Questions About Windows 10 Everyone Is Asking Question #2 — Does Windows 10 really share my wi-fi with people? also has the fix to ensure you do not do this.
Question #5 — Includes an answer to “If I did upgrade, can I undo it?”

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