John Gilbert Dudley & Celia Brewer Marriage License

UPDATED! Full transcription.
Thanks to RootsMagic 7, this evening I discovered a new record for John Gilbert Dudley & Celia Brewer. The same record appears on but only with the “facts” Ancestry chose. The date Ancestry has is 17-Sep-1851 which is incorrect. The document itself clearly shows 15-Sep-1851.

I need some help in the transcription of the document. I have placed blanks at problem words followed by my guess at a word or letters in parentheses.

Thanks to my hope-to-meet-in-person-someday genealogy friend, Cathy Meder-Dempsey who you might have seen if you visited Opening Doors in Brick Walls. She was unable to leave a fix for everything I had left blanks for in a comment but did on this site’s Facebook page. Below — Behold the completed transcription.

John Gilbert Dudley To Celia Brewer Be it remembered that on the day the following license is issued to wit Indiana to wit Delaware County to all who shall see these presents greeting Know ye that any person legally authorized to Solemnize matrimony in Said County is hereby licensed to join in Matrimony as husband and wife John G Dudley & Celia Brewer where of I Thomas I Matthews Clerk of the Delaware Circuit Court hereto set my name and affix the Seal of Said Court at Muncie this 15 day of September AD 1851 Thomas I Matthews, Clk

You’ll note that the document seems lacking in punctuation because those were missing in the original. I believe the “J” as in J Thomas I Matthews stands for Judge.

Below is a cropped image of the original document. To see a larger size version, just click on the image.

If can assist with any of the wording, please leave a comment or use the Contact Me.

John Gilbert Dudley & Ceclia Brewer Marriage License from FamilySearch
John Gilbert Dudley & Celia Brewer Marriage License from FamilySearch

The original document has four such licenses and can be seen on here.  Enter either the groom or bride’s name. When the image appears, this license appears on the upper right.

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