Livingston Brick Walls

Parents of Reuben Livingston

Brick WallIf you do much genealogy research, you will hit brick walls. Below are the current challenges in the Livingston research. If you have ANY data on the following individuals, please contact me and include whether or not you have source data as well.

Reuben Livingston is the father of a past brick wall, Hugh Livingston (see below). Reuben was born in 1812 in Jessamine County, Kentucky; he died 1880 in Illinois. The 1850 census shows him in Astoria, Fulton County, Illinois.

Reuben’s wife was Rachel McCollum born in 1814 in Kentucky. I do not have a death date for her. Her parents are Isaac M. McCollum and Nancy Walton Baker.

It is possible that Reuben’s parents are John Livingston and Mary Bryant. Except if you are looking for him in Kentucky, use Levingston as the spelling for the surname.

SOLVED Brick Wall ~ Parents of Hugh Livingston

Solved! Hugh was born about 1843. He might have been born in Missouri but more likely Illinois. Hugh served in the Civil War and while he lived in Missouri and there were regiments he could have joined, he chose to return to Illinois and serve with his brother. He did return to Missouri after service (disabled) and died in Sullivan County, Missouri on 15-Dec-1886. But other than his parents were both born in Kentucky, no other information has been found.

Hugh’s wife was Mary Jane Smith, born 8-Oct-1843, in or near Pollock, Sullivan County, Missouri. This was her second marriage; her first was to Henry S. Upchurch. That marriage produced a single daughter, Henrietta Francis Upchurch. Mary died after June 1900 (she was in the 1900 census).

Solution of Hugh Livingston’s Parents ~ Parents were Reuben Livingston and Rachel McCollum. Of course that means now a new brick wall (see above).


SOLVED Brick Wall ~ Parents of Mary Catherine Miller

Solved! Mary Catherine Miller was the wife of John Linn Sinclair. They were married 12-Dec-1880 in Sullivan County, Missouri. She was born in April 1860 (thanks again for census data!) probably in Indiana. A later census, her son gave his mother’s state of birth as Iowa. But I suspect “mom” knew where she was born. The death date is believed to be before 1940, but that is conjecture only.

Since posting this originally, someone contacted me with some information. Mary Catherine’s parents were Peter Miller who was born in France and Hester A. Bascum who was born in Ohio. Since Mary was born in Indiana … and then married John Linn Sinclair in Sullivan County, Missouri on 12-Dec-1880.

A post-note (5/5/06): Found their cemetery record in the County Records section of the Family Research Center

As always, if you have any information, no matter how small, please contact me.