Kentucky to Missouri

A few years after the migration from Virginia to Kentucky, people again moved from there to Missouri.

My Coffman lineage came to Missouri from Kentucky during its third major migration wave which “was between 1820 and 1860 when the Ohio-Mississippi-Missouri river system and the extension of the Cumberland Road to the Mississippi River [which] brought thousands of immigrants from the upper South and lower Midwest into Missouri, pushing the frontier to the Kansas border. During this period, the largest number of settlers came from Kentucky, followed by Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. … A large proportion of settlers in the middle prairie regions came from Kentucky, while the people from Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois concentrated along the northern border and the Mississippi River.”

Coffman migration:

Harmon Coffman, his wife Elizabeth B. Pearman and some of his children came to Missouri about 1862. In the 1860 census, Harmon was in Meade County, Kentucky.

[From ‘Ancestry’s Red Book’ (1992) edited by Alice Eichholz]