Memories of an Missouri One-Room Country School in Cass County Missouri

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Posted date 2007.04.25

Rodman School Days

Sketch of a girl reading.Mrs. Childress was our teacher. [She was a devoted teacher and her husband was the Principal of Harrisonville High School.] I started at Rodman in 1953 and left that area to go to town 1955. We had 16 students from first to eight grade. There were three of us in first grade, and then one in second, none in the third grade, then fourth, sixth, and eighth … skipped fifth, seventh grades.

The neatest thing I remember about those days was the fact that we got to go to the blackboard and the older kids taught us younger ones how to write instead of printing. I was ahead of my classmates, because I was an only child and my parents taught me to read before I started school. I was spelling words like temperature at 6 and reciting poems.

The Old Victorola

An old gramaphone image.We had an old Victorola at the top of the stairs when we came into the school room and our teacher played records for us … it was a privilege to get to turn the handle. Parents and teachers and kids get together was always special. We had some great cinnamon rolls (made by one of the mothers from Norway), and apple cider with homemade donuts (my mom did those).

Old Model T Transportation

Old car sketch.Our neighbor’s grandfather took his grandson and me to school and my mom picked us up. Only thing is, my mom drove an old Model T car to pick us up and of course the school was on a tall hill (must be something about building country schools…right). Anyway we could hear her coming so sometimes we hide along the road until she got all of the way up and to the school. I liked to play with one of the girls at her house until my mom figured we had tricked her. She would come back down and sometimes she would pick up some of the other kids and the older boys would ride their bikes beside us … the entire school all together again.

These are cherished memories that I have and I believe that I got a good solid beginning. When I came to town school I was aFamily History sign.lready reading at a fifth grade level (being I was going into 3rd grade), writing instead of printing, and had control of good math skills … thanks to Mrs Childress. (Oh Yes! My parents moved next door to the Childress’ when I was in high school..really neat).

I was third generation starting school at Rodman. My grandfather, William Henry Morris Sr., and my father, William Henry Morris Jr., attended Rodman. Thanks for reading my experiences in country school. ~ Brenda Morris Rogers

Some of the images on this page are from a black ‘n white site called Leaves of Time site. The site has changed considerably since since I was able to copy the images for free. However, the site still has a “free” section.