Not Able to Avoid Windows 10 Upgrade from 8.1

Now I Know How It Happened.

Because I was working with a new computer with over 100+ updates to do, I did not MANUALLY check every optional update. And I opted to update both important and suggested updates. The KB# referenced below came in as an optional update in the Easter updates. My laptop did *NOT* get this optional update because I only had a few to look at. I typically automatically update the ones marked IMPORTANT and pick from the others. I did not select it so it wasn’t not installed.I paid the price for just saying — “oh heck, do ’em all” on this new computer.

But I have paid a bigger price & had I known this would happen I might never have written one word about Windows 10.

Keep in mind when you read the words in this section below, that this did not happen in comments to my original post on my site. It happened in a Facebook “closed” group. A group that has of 9/23/2015 almost 18,000 members. No, I will not tell you the group. No, I haven’t resigned from the group. But I can no longer recommend that group because of what you are about to read.

One person claimed that no one can be FORCED to go to Windows 10 since you can go back to your previous Windows 7 or 8.1. He is wrong. If you end up with this screen, you will have to UPGRADE. If you didn’t want to, yes — you can work to return to your previous windows version. But if this all hits like Murphy loves to do — when you least expect it and don’t have time for it — I don’t believe that person will think they weren’t FORCED. If I FORCE you to pack up and move to a different town out-of-state but said that you really aren’t being FORCED because you can pack up and move back home…

I was accused that this article was “bogus” which means I’m lying.
I was accused that this article was “bull”. Which is just another way of I’m lying.

Neither person read the full article or checked a single link. Or went to the Before or After pages. Let’s see — to make up that article I somehow created one back in April of this year JUST so I could point to it from this article written in September.  Even Microsoft has information about this scenario. One of these people says all you have to do is close the window. Had the individual real the article — there is no WAY to close this “window”.  That person is thinking of the one that comes up *if* you don’t have this KB update installed.

I was accused of trying to SCARE my readers about Windows 10 when they didn’t need to be. In truth, I’m very hurt by that accusation as the last thing I want to do it “scare” someone. This accusation bothers me the most. I did want people to not be suddenly faced with an upgrade with no more knowledge than what I had.

Umpteen people posted that if I had did like they did — and reviewed every update — it wouldn’t have happened.
I believe they missed the point of the original post, but it did give me a clue to WHY it happened to me. I only set as automatic “important” updates.

But because of the above,

I made some immediate modifications to the site. It no longer matters what because … (see “The Right Decision”‘ below).

I have removed from my Facebook personal page as well as the IdoGenealogy Facebook page links to the original post. I gave the Facebook group 12 hours of no more comments and then deleted my status entry pointing to the original post which also took all of the comments as well.

No — I’m did not take all of the above well. And I realize that.
But the site & posts took time and effort. I spent three hours writing the original post below. I wanted it to grab people’s attention so it could help them in the end *if* they needed it.

Instead I got one thank you (one person posted that she did have the KB & was able to remove it) and lot of grief I didn’t need.

I considered keeping and returning to nothing but genealogy.  But I also considered closing the site. I can spend the money to keep it going to things to help move my own genealogy research further. And the time it takes on the sites that are family genealogy.

The Right Decision

After a week plus of waking up in  the middle of the night worrying over what to do, I finally made the decision to close the site. Sleep great that night I made that decision. One of the ways to tell if a decision feels “right”. At first I was going to move most of the Windows 10 articles but mark them as private. In the end, I have moved all of them (there’s *not* that many) and they are public. What I am not going to do is put them in the main navigation of this site. This site will be mostly about family genealogy. But I’m still going too offer help to people who do genealogy and are not techies. Ii know many that have no idea how to set their system to only receive important updates. They take their computers to a store & pay $$ to have things fixed. And I know people who are a “little bit techie” and ask me a lot of questions when I’m volunteering about why things don’t work or do work the way they do.

I do not regret my decision. Not one bit. For me it wass the right one.

Below is the original post that start all of the above.

My newest computer (computer is not new — it’s just new to me) is Windows 10 BUT NOT BECAUSE I WANTED IT TO!!!!

When reschedule your Windows 10 upgrade does not really have any meaning…

When you see this image pop-up on your screen…  you are going to upgrade a heck of a lot sooner than you planned.

Windows 10 Upgrade Screen.
Windows 10 Upgrade Screen.
Composite image created by L.Peach


Two choices? Not really.

One afternoon I went into my office to work some more on installing & updating my “new” Windows 8.1 computer. I had done a shutdown the previous night and was going to try installing some plugins to go with my Adobe Photo Elements 13. Upon restart ***THIS*** (the above image) was on my screen.

Start the upgrade now ~ I didn’t want to do that so clicked on Let’s reschedule and got an EYE OPENER!

You can select ANY hour to start the upgrade.

You can select ANY day to start the upgrade …


So the first thing I did was select the latest hour and the last day. And then I started surfing looking for any way out of this. I had seen NOTHING (obviously or it would on the BEFORE page.

I found one article which I have *not* posted because:

  • It momentarily solved the problem by uninstalling a specific kb. Doing so got rid of the three day setting.
  • It required a restart of the computer. You can stall doing this but for how long. Since I was updating a “new” computer…
  • It reloaded the same kb so the 3 days started again the second the computer restarted

I don’t call that a fix.

BUT… I did do this twice. Remembering each time to get back to the computer and uninstalling the kb in time for a “reset”.

I had an extremely busy long weekend. And I guess I lost a “day” — at 11pm last night the “new” computer is now running Windows 10.

The FIRST & SECOND thing I checked was:
»  Adobe Photo Element 13. I had read that people were having enormous problems with this software on Windows 10. Well, it loaded and was capable of doing a couple of easy actions. So I have my fingers crossed.
»  Family Tree Maker 2014. I knew some people had been able to run it but knew others were having problems. Again, the simple quick test worked. I’ll just have to see.

»  NEXT – Take care of the privacy issues. See the AFTER Windows 10 Installation page. Look  for the word privacy.

My first impression of Windows 10

Good. I hated that big ole Windows 8 “home screen”. I figured I’d get used to it but I didn’t like it much. It’s still there but doesn’t feel like it’s been crammed down my throat.

I like the new “settings” approach. I think I do at least. I’ll know more when I start implementing some of the things on the AFTER page.

BUT I RESENT Microsoft’s Approach to Windows 10 FORCED Upgrade

THREE DAYS from restart! What an unreasonable decision. You leave for the Labor Day weekend. You took care of things on your 8.1 computer Thursday night in order to bug out from work early (if you could) on Friday. You get back home on late Monday afternoon or even Monday evening.  Did that upgrade count start while you were gone?  Yea — what a thrill to find this at the end of a ‘vacation’ and you have to go to work the next day.

THREE DAYS from restart! Were companies notified this could happen? Can you imagine coming back from Labor Day weekend to find this happening on YOUR WORK PC. Or imagine yourself as the System Administrator. What a nightmare!

Easter Eggs are not always nice. And this kb (KB3035583) was loaded on our system as an hidden “Easter” present from Microsoft.

At the beginning of April, (Easter weekend, mind you) Microsoft added KB3035583 to the Windows Update stream for Windows 7/8.1 systems. This small update (under 500 KB) was added to the Important Updates list on Windows Update for Windows 7 and 8.1 systems. It is also listed as a Recommended Update

The quote is from this article, Microsoft hides a Windows 10 Easter Egg in Windows 7/8.1 systems.

This article was written on April 17, 2015 so the writer assumes: “Presumably, the update will lay dormant until Windows 10 reaches RTM. Then, the notification system will begin letting you know the status of the release as it progresses through the various stages. It will then guide you through the upgrade process. How this will work in reality and what it will look like remains to be seen.

I don’t think ANY of us thought we’d only get a three day notice.  The ONLY way you can keep this from happening without you being there and at least knowing an upgrade was happening is to shut down your system whenever you are going to gone.

YOU ONLY HAVE ONE HOUR BEFORE IT STARTS THE UPGRADE if you don’t click on the “reschedule” button.

All of the above happened on my Windows 8.1 computer. I’m writing this on my Windows 7 laptop and thus far I haven’t gotten the same kind of push.  I had planned on upgrading the Windows 8.1 system first but I had planned to do it when it was BEST FOR ME. And Microsoft took that away from me. They also have taken away from you too.

Is there a way to stop KB3035583 from installing?

I found this article, GWX Stopper permanently deletes ‘Get Windows 10’ nagware in Windows 7, 8.1, but I have not used GWX Stopper. This is *NOT* a recommendation.

If you do this, it’s on YOUR head whether it works or not or if it ends up putting you in the position for having to pay in the future for what is now a free upgrade.

I don’t know if I will use it on my laptop or not. I’ll have to make that decision within the next few days.  And yes, I’ll intend to blog about the decision.

Frankly, I don’t know about you but I’d like to do some genealogy!
And even those who could care less about genealogy, my bet is they would like to get back to what they need to get done as well.

Last updated: September 27, 2015 at 22:46 pm Originally a post on the site, it was moved to a page on this site. I do not want this coming up in ANY context other than a search for “Windows 10” or a selection of the category, Windows 10. The post as added to once I found the solution. I have edited that section much more in the move to this family research site. Other than correcting links in the original post, the only change was the bolded all-cap entry below the image with the peach background.