Struggling with Genealogy Goals

The struggle is not setting a genealogy goal.
The struggle is setting the RIGHT goal.

I’m a list girl/woman. People who do lists usually are goal oriented. Or at least that’s MHO. I can even get preachy about setting goals. Without them I would never have accomplished what I have in my life. So why on earth am I struggling with setting the RIGHT genealogy goal.

Here I go making a list again. Some of my key genealogy goals off the top of my head because I don’t have any of them written or at least written in a place I can find them. Gee, as I type this I may have stumbled on just one of the reasons I have a problem.

  • Break the Abraham Coffman, my great-great-great-grandfather & my first brick wall. Specifically who were his parents and siblings. I’ll even take a who were his parents OR siblings.
  • Finish proving (or not) links to my Revolutionary solider.  His name: Nathan Morse. Actually I have more than one I think but he is the one I found first.
  • Clean-up or dismiss 3-3/4 single space pages of Potential Problems found when I moved my Family Tree Maker 2012 into RootsMagic 7. And I’ve already cleaned up some. In doing so, I found some errors that eliminated the “problem” people & their ancestors from my tree altogether.
  • Scan, enter, or eliminate the genealogy in Box 1 rec’d this week from a cousin full of GREAT stuff with more to come in Box 2. In Box 1 were two Bibles with the FIRST begats ever found in a family Bible.

How DO you pick what to do when you have 12 boxes and an ottoman FULL of pictures & documents and those aren’t even the above list?

Frankly I could use some guidance. And I suspect there are people out there just like me. Their “list” looks different but they are finding it hard to settle on ONE goal because that will mean they are not doing the others [now]. You know you are going to get to them but for whatever reason you find it very hard to accept that you will not be doing them for week/months.