Genealogists Need To Know About Image Geotagging in Windows 10

I just updated my How-To’s for AFTER Installing Windows 10 page with a link titled “How to remove personal information from photos in Windows 10 – Nuke metadata from your photos before you post them online“.

There’s more to your digital photos than meets the eye. Embedded in each file is EXIF data, or metadata, that contains information on your camera’s make and model, the time and date the photo was taken, and even GPS coordinates if you happened to take the photo from a camera (or, more likely, a phone) that has geotagging enabled.
This is the first paragraph of the article. Link to article is on the How-To’s page.

… will be learning more about EXIF data as it is applied to Windows 10 images. …

NOW — for us genealogists having the time, date, and GPS coordinates of photos…

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