How To Enter Data in TNG When Not Using a GEDCOM, Part 1

<strong>Feeling stuck? Not accomplishing anything?</strong> ~ That’s the way I was feeling. While things weren’t perfect in my <acronym title=”The Next Generation of Site Building”>TNG</acronym> site, I definitely was ready to start entering new data. But every time I’d start I felt inefficient. Clumsy. Like I had never updated genealogy data before instead of almost 17 years. I knew there had to be a better way than what I had tried. Talk about frustrated!

So I asked a question on the TNG Facebook public group & got some great answers.

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Is Having Genealogy Computer Files Cleaner Good Enough?

Just how clean do I have to get my genealogy computer files?

Which led me to a few questions?

» Naming conventions: does every genealogy file have to follow a naming convention?
» What if large portion of such files are ALREADY in your computer database?
—-» Do you have to rename the files in your computer database to match the naming convention for that file?
—-» Would it be okay to rename some of them but not all of them?
» Is it okay to have your genealogy files cleaner even if they are pristine?

Why do we drag our feet doing this?

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How to Import FTM Data into TNG

Simple steps plus utilization of a TNG “Mod” for better conversion at import of the GEDCOM:

  • Export FTM 2012 data file in GEDCOM 5.5 format.
    • What is a GEDCOM? A file whose purpose is to exchange genealogical data between different genealogy software programs. GEDCOM is an acronym for Genealogical Data Communication.
  • Install a FTM-to-TNG “Mod” in TNG 10.0.2.
    • What is a Mod in TNG? An add-on program providing additional capabilities to TNG. Installed with TNG’s built-in Mod Manager.
    • Mod selected for use with the import of Family Tree Maker data: FTM-to-TNG Gedcom Converter Mod which converts Family Tree Maker (FTM) 2012 GEDCOM files so that they can be uploaded correctly in TNG. The latest Mod version, v9.2.2.4 , added a new optional feature to suppress secondary events.
  • Clear old crufty genealogy data out of TNG site (optional step).
  • Import GEDCOM file into TNG 10.0.2.

Let’s begin…

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