Two Sites Rolled Into One

Genealogy Help Site & Family Search Site Are Now Combined

The last view from the site.
The last view from the site.

Coffman-Peach site.
The Original Coffman-Peach site.

How the Merge Happened

The original Coffman-Peach site had not been updated since 2010 and still was in XHTML. I found updating in that format was getting more tedious and had been introduced to “content management system“.  After working with WordPress for several years I knew if I was ever going to add to that site, I would have to move it to WordPress.

As for the site—that has always been a WordPress site and contained various helps for genealogists from software to the one close to my heart — genealogy organization. At that time I referenced it as a genealogy mess because mine was one. Within the last year I have debated whether to close the site. An “incident” happened about a month ago that made the decision for me. While I no longer desire to keep that site active, there are things to be offered. And will be via this new platform.

Another catalyst was my TNG site—I wish to keep my TNG site except for a few public pages to require username & password to access. Why? It is my (or will be) my main data for all of my genealogy research. TNG allows to set a “branch” of your tree to a specific username so that one can share important data without sharing everything in the tree. And one can create public pages on the TNG site but it requires creating PHP pages. I’ll be honest. I just didn’t want to learn ‘nuther new thing.

By merging these two sites, I can also include the public pages I had wanted on the TNG site. It’s a win for everyone.

“What’s In It For Me?”, you ask.

Since I began the Coffman-Peach site literally years ago, I have found a lot of information and how to search for data specific to our family tree. There are really TWO trees — one is my Coffman-Livingston tree; the other is the Peach-Hansman tree. Right now the TNG site only has the Coffman-Livingston tree. I plan to add the Peach-Hansman tree the beginning of 2016.

If you are related to me and are researching the same Coffman and/or Livingston lines I am, you’ll find this site to be helpful. Especially if you are Coffman-related. We have one of those ancestors that was “magically” born in that he appears with no siblings or parents. And has been that way since 1998 when I started.

There is little data on the Peach-Hansman ancestry but fortunately my mother-in-law kept everything. I’m now close to being organized enough to get it into the TNG site with pieces of family information on this site.

What’s Next?

  • Need to complete redirection for all moved pages/posts so that people can *still* find the page or post even though the original site is no longer available.
  • Need to establish what is a “category” and what are “tags”.
  • Need to check every page and every post and make sure the category and tags are correct.
  • Need to ensure all links work properly.
  • Wish to have colors set for all the categories.

Goal: Go live with this site on 1-Oct-2015.

Photo by jurvetson