What’s Happening in YOUR Genealogy World?

What’s Happening? “Nothing with Genealogy BUT I’m Doing (or having to do) a Lot of Other Things.”

Are you thinking of either one of these or both?
» I haven’t entered anything new in my genealogy for—well, it feels like forever.
» I’m doing everything else it seems BUT genealogy. I’m frustrated. And I feel guilty.

Are you beating yourself up just a little bit?

How to tell if you should or shouldn’t:

Maybe You Ought to Feel a Little Bit Bad Don’t Feel Bad. Stuff Happens.
You’ve upgraded to Windows 10 & it is eating your lunch. Stuff doesn’t work. (See Note 1.) Problem with your genealogy software & it’s not Windows 10.
You’ve straightened your office (or name any area) but only because you are procrastinating:

» You know you need to LEARN about how to record sources, citations, etc. (See Note 2.)
» You hate the genealogy software (or whatever method) you are using. (See Note 3.)
» You found something out about a direct ancestor that is so disappointing, disgusting, embarrassing. (See Note 4.)
» You need help but hate asking others for it. (See Note 5.)
» Someone downloaded your GEDCOM & has now posted it on their tree as if it was theirs. (See Note 6.)

» New computer & it’s taking way too long to set it up. (See Note 7.)
» General computer problems. (See Note 8.)
» Went through all my family files. Sorted & cleaned. But I didn’t enter anything. <Sigh!> Note: This IS doing genealogy!
» Family issues.
» Health issues.
» Company at the house or staying in town.
  1. If you have already downloaded & installed Windows 10 and you are NOT tech savvy — how does one say you created your own mess. If there is _anything_ you should know by now is to do research on new operating systems. And if you haven’t, then you are now learning the hard way. Realize though that many, many of us had to do the same. We just learned it on earlier versions. Check out the list on What To Do After Installing Windows 10 on this site.You might consider reverting back to your prior version (Windows 7 or Windows 8) & a link to how to accomplish that is on the …After Installing Windows 10 page. However, I urge you to research using your favorite search engine for MORE information on that reverting topic BEFORE you try it. It’s not a simple do-this and do-that & abracadabra, you have your old OS back. You can then decide whether to try it or just stay with Windows 10.
  2. Inputting sources, citations, etc. Oh boy, do I know about this one. I used it myself. It started about the time I realized how important it was to do this. And yes, I beat myself up for not realizing it earlier. See, I hate being sloppy about certain things (don’t mind about others). And for whatever reason, this particular genealogy “thingie” just scares me. I’m still struggling with it. Once I figure out how to overcome it, I will move faster with my genealogy. That itself may be the secret. If you REALLY want to do genealogy right & don’t know how to input sources, citations, etc., once you know your genealogy input will look start flying off your fingertips.
  3. I know about this one too. Reference Why I’m Not Upgrading to Legacy 8…  but it doesn’t have the whole story. I don’t hate Legacy. In fact I love some of their reports. But I don’t like it for various reasons. And I knew 6 months into using it that I didn’t like it. But I kept pounding my head against that stone wall for another 18 months before I gave up. It does not matter that your best genealogy friend LOVES whatever you are using. It does not matter it has been highly recommended by the  genealogists. If you do not LIKE using it, then be productive about it. Start researching for other programs. If you are on Facebook, join the closed group Technology for Genealogists and do a search within that group for each new software you are considering. The info in the posts but more likely in the comments will help you reduce your choice. Remember to always try the FREE versions out before you buy them. AND use REAL data.
  4. I understand it & I sympathize with it. I think it’s easier to handle if the person is one that you never knew personally. However, remember that it is a very rare thing NOT to find things that are embarrassing, sad, or even disgusting. And it’s okay to do some grieving time. So while grieving, do something else. Clean out some files. Or a closet. But if you are a volunteer for something, continue volunteering—even if it’s concerning genealogy. Then get back to work.
  5. Is it you hate asking for help? Then you are cutting out 50% of what makes genealogy fun & 100% of things you don’t even know you need. Or is it you hate feeling stupid? That you think everyone but you would be able to figure it. You just need to work on it some more. No one likes feeling stupid but asking a question about something you don’t understand is not stupid; it’s smart. Here’s how not to feel stupid. First research on the Internet about the problem. If you find an answer but don’t understand it, NOW you can take that answer (suggest you print) to your local genealogy society or genealogy section of your library. Or post it to a message board or within a Facebook group. Note that the Technology for Genealogists group is about technology not about general genealogy questions.
  6. One of my biggest pet peeves. It’s stealing. Plain ole stealing. And of course I had it happen to me. So I do not release any more all of my tree. If one of my children or grandchildren were highly interested, they would be the exception. But never again will I display my entire tree for anyone to grab and use. Does that make me selfish? No, I don’t think so. I had some bad data in that tree because I didn’t know any better. And that data now is all over the Internet. And some of the people also broadcasted the “living” as if they weren’t. FINALLY, I do have a way to share and will with anyone related. And I don’t expect they will have anything to “give” me. Most do — but not everyone.
  7. New computers take time. BTW, I call setting up a computer getting all the software loaded. Oh, and printers working. Getting the files (like pictures, documents) accessible. Some of us haven’t quite moved everything to the cloud yet. If the new computer has a new operating system, that just adds to the time & complexity. Remember: It is what it is. BUT also don’t hesitate to ask for help. Frankly, it’s easier to set up a computer to replace one because now you *know* what your need. Of course, this is just MHO. I have a new desktop running Windows 8.1 but I’ve not had a desktop now for over 2 years. Windows 8.1 is new to me. I don’t want everything that is on my laptop on this computer. And I found one of my pieces of software can’t be loaded. It’s an upgrade & drat! I’ve lost the prior version’s key. You will get there eventually.
  8. I hate computer problems. They waste your time. But everyone has them. This is another It is what it is.

As for the rest, no explanations are needed. *Before genealogy* did these same issues slow down the other aspects of your life. Of course they did. When you can you will return to ‘doing genealogy’.