Which Harmon Coffman is Which?

Family treeWhich Harmon Coffman is Which?

~ In Table form

Below are Harmon Coffman’s found during research. There were so many of them, I had to chart them to keep it straight. Undocumented information is is entered in italics.

First/Middle Name Birth Death Parents
Father & Mother
Spouse(s) Residences
Harmon 1802 VA 15-Feb-1880 MO Abraham Coffman Elinder (Ellender) Miller (1st)
Elizabeth Pearman (2nd)
Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri
Richard Harmon 1802 VA ? Abraham Coffman & Margaret Ann Triplett ? Virginia, Kentucky
Below the above two are the same person and is my great-great-grandfather.
Harmon B About 1761 VA ? John Nicholas Coffman & Mary Wisecarver ? Virginia, Tennessee
Harmon About 1844 KY 1926 MO ? Lucretia Missouri
David Harmon About 1750 PA 31 MAR 1835 John Andrew Coffman/Kauffman & Magdelena Barbara Martin Elizabeth Lovell Pennsylvania, Alabama
There are several succeeding generations of David Harmon Coffman. If the name is David Harmon Coffman, it will not be listed here since my ancestors are not related to this very extended family.