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~ ~ ~ ~ ~Favorite author -- Michele Sinclair.

My Amish Friendship Bread site. Yes, I DO make this. My starter was given to me in 2006.

New as of Oct 2015 -- my Coffman-Livingston | Peach-Hansman Family Research site.

Barely started but hopefully it will eventually contain the best of our travel pictures.

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“Don't Ask the Question If You Can't Stand the Answer”

Your Library ... and Kindle Books

» Your public library either is loaning Kindle books online or will shortly. The software used by the library is most likely Overdrive and requires no installation of anything on your computer.
» You will need a library card - which has a l-o-n-g pin number.
» If you are logged into your Amazon account at the time of the Kindle download from your library account, the handling is basically transparent. It just happens magically.
» The loan is for 7 days or 14 days. The latter is the default setting for your account at the library but you can change it to 7 days.
» You can check-in the book from your library account any time before your default setting. HOWEVER, I would recommend that you DO NOT CHECK IN BEFORE at least ONE day (24 hours) has elapsed. Libraries can and do penalize early check-ins; you can't check in/out another book.
» The check-in is automatic if you do nothing.
» The library has a setting of how many books you can have checked out at a time. This can vary by library. Mine has a limit of five; my sister-in-law has a limit of seven. [Not fair, is it?]
     Kindle books and eBooks [PDF or ePub format] are counted together.
» The book does NOT disappear off your Kindle once it is checked in. The title will appear with the word notice in left column and the words [Loan Ended] just before the title.
» On your "Manage Your Kindle" Amazon page, you'll see the words public library written just to the right of the title in Your Kindle Library list. The only options are to 'purchase this book' or 'delete from library'.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Favorite author -- Michele Sinclair.

We notice when you use the same phrase to describe a character. Does she always toss her hair over her shoulder? She never flips her hair? Never tosses? Shakes? Why do book editors let them get by with this stuff? It makes your book boring.


This is a Kawai CP 207. The latest model is now CP 209. I've always hated Digital pianos because the touch was too “organ-dy”. The Kawai CPs are not. I have every touch & feel of a grand piano but can add thousands of different combinations. I used to dream of having a grand piano and harpsichord. I now have that dream and so much more.

And I can record to CD while playing. At Christmas one of my granddaughters was preparing for her first piano Christmas recital. I recorded to CD all her efforts. She had a great time trying other instrument combinations.

books & Kindle

Love my Kindle. I always would shove a book in my purse or wish I had access to one. Waiting, no matter where it is, is easier with something to read. I can now have a book with me always.

Kindle Hints

If you have a Kindle, check the free Limited-Time Offers books often. I check it daily. Often a book will be $0.00 cost for only a day or even hours. I've downloaded a book at $0.00 cost one day and found it listed the next day at $9.99.

To find the Top 100 Free Books using your Kindle: Menu > Shop Kindle Store > Top Best Sellers. Only that opens, press up twice so that Top 100 Free on the right top is underline. Open that link just as you would any other. You can 'purchase' any $0.00 book -- just make sure that it is STILL listed at that cost.

The Top 100 on Amazon's Kindle eBook page usually does not match the Limited-Time Offers above OR the Top 100 Free Books on your Kindle! I suspect because these are not using the same algorithms. You have to check all three of the above to ensure you've accessed the latest/greatest of the Kindle top freebies.

Not a Kindle 'Expert'

Please don't email me & ask me how to do yada yada on a Kindle. Everything I've learned is available to you as well via Kindle support pages, Kindle forums, and elsewhere on the web. See Manage Your Kindle after logging into your Amazon account.

interests ~ varied

My problem has never been finding something to get interested in. It's focusing on something specific & achieve some kind of result. Obviously I love to read.

specific interests

Genealogy is at the top of my hobby list. Love it from the minute I touched it. I have sites for my family research as well as being a volunteer web site coordinator for the Missouri Genealogy (MOGen) Sullivan County Missouri web site.

Grandchildren ~ like every other grandmother -- mine are cuter and smarter than yours.

Home means my family, my country, my faith in God ...

Travel is so much fun and SO tiring. Love to go and love coming home.