Site Purpose

Coffman-Livingston | Peach-Hansman site has a double focus: Family Research and more generalized Genealogy Help. See Two Sites in One post for details. Interested in technology as it applies to genealogy? See footer "Tag Cloud" and special menus that apply.

Things to Come ~ Am excited about new segments to the family research to be added over the upcoming months.

  • Most Wanted — The ancestors that keep eluding me or the data on the ancestor that seems hidden. The “brick wall” pages on this site with morph into that. Categories & tags should help those interested in only one surname to view only what they have an interest in.
  • Mystery Photos — Pictures I have where I may know the family it’s connected to but do not know who the individual is.
  • How to Have Access to Data if You Related — There is yet *another* genealogy website. My TNG site. Access to it other than the home page requires a username & password. But if we are related… I’m very excited about the sharing doors this will open.
  • What’s New — There already is a “Last Updates for Pages & Posts” on this site. But What’s New will be about new discoveries in the family research area. Most likely this will appear some place on the home page. It also might contain a new category added to the site.

Enjoy exploring the site. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please use the Contact Me page.
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